As Holidays Approach, Pass Along These Smart-Money Tips

December 2023
a pair of hands passing two wrapped gifts to another pair of hands

Whether you cybershop for that perfect holiday gift or hit the supermarket before hosting that big holiday gathering, December has a way of stretching budgets—sometimes to the breaking point.

That makes it a great time to remind your employees of the tips they’ll find in myVRS Financial Wellness to carry them through the holiday season.

Quick Wins

Share this infographic, which offers these tips for staying financially sound during the holiday season:

  • Create a budget that accommodates additional holiday expenses and the source of the cash to pay for them.
  • Track your holiday expenses, and after each purchase, pay attention to how much money remains in your budget.
  • Spend wisely by using coupons, shopping sales or creating a DIY gift.
  • Avoid holiday scams when cybershopping by using only secure sites. Look for the padlock symbol in your browser’s URL window.

Developing strong budgeting skills and committing to save a portion of your income for retirement are building blocks of financial success. You can count on myVRS Financial Wellness to provide the guidance your employees need to become more money savvy.

Dive Deeper

For more comprehensive ideas to increase employees’ confidence and skills with financial matters, remind them to sign into myVRS and take the Financial Wellness Checkup. Once they do, they’ll get customized resources and recommendations to help them through the holidays and year-round.