New Money Mindfulness Course Helps Tame Financial Stress

January 2024
a person on the left with their hands forming the Gyan mudra, seated at a table with papers on it.

People across the country report experiencing financial difficulties and related worry or stress. Your employees are likely no different and may be experiencing financial stress over saving for retirement, debt or bills. Those are the top three money worries reported by those participating in myVRS Financial Wellness programs.

Studies correlate financial stress with decreased employee productivity and increased health issues. A recent survey by the Center for State and Local Government Excellence found that 54% of employees worry about finances or financial decisions while at work, and 65% believe it is important to have a financial literacy program offered by their employer. Consider steering employees to the newest Financial Wellness resource on money mindfulness: an eight-week course that aims to help them tame their financial stressors.

Each week, participants in the course will be offered three days of content walking them through a variety of mindfulness practices, including meditations, journaling and self-study. The aim is to reduce participants’ stress and support them in moving toward their financial goals.

The time commitment is flexible. Each meditation has 5-, 10- and 20-minute versions, so participants can select their preferred length. They can also go faster or slower than the outlined eight weeks or take breaks and return to the content later.

The program aims to deliver these benefits:

  • Stress reduction, as participants learn techniques to better regulate stress responses. 
  • Self-acceptance. Learning to identify strengths and weaknesses without self-judgment equips participants to tackle future challenges. 
  • Positive habits, such as pausing before reacting to financial developments, and using a value-based approach to addressing them. 
  • Boost in mood, which helps participants better cope with emerging challenges.

To access the course, participants should log in to myVRS and choose Financial Wellness. Click on the “Money Mindfulness” button and choose the “8 Week Money Mindfulness Program.”