Reminder: Take Advantage of Online Retirement

May 2023
A happy older couple looking at a computer next to text that reads online retirement.

If you’re getting ready to retire, VRS invites you to explore the benefit of online retirement in myVRS. This intuitive, time-saving application comes with pre-retirement counseling, such as informative videos and step-by-step guidance through major decision points. You also bypass paper forms.

How to Retire Online

Follow these simple steps to apply for retirement:

  1. Log in to your myVRS account.
  2. In the Manage My Benefits drop-down menu, select Apply for Retirement.
  3. Click the Apply Now button.

Have questions along the way? View videos that provide tips on topics like life insurance, Social Security and the health insurance credit. Also, just-in-time information helps you decide on a benefit payout option and make beneficiary decisions that are right for you.

You can submit a request to retire online up to 120 days before your retirement date. VRS encourages early submissions to allow for processing time. The online retirement process will take about 30 minutes. Should you need support, you can stop at any point, save your work and contact a VRS member counselor for assistance.


While many members are eligible to retire online, there are some exceptions:

  • Long-term disability in your record or retiring on disability.
  • Approved Domestic Relations Orders (ADRO) on file.
  • Ongoing purchase of prior service agreements.
  • Other (hazardous duty or judicial service).

Explore the Retirement Planning section of myVRS where you will find resources to help you project your income and expenses in retirement. You can find the Application for Service Retirement (VRS-5) on the VRS website. If you are retiring on disability, use the Application for Disability Retirement (VRS-6) and associated forms.

Start Planning Now

If you’re not ready to retire but still want to start planning, log in to myVRS and use the Benefit Estimator and Retirement Planner to learn about retirement eligibility and available payout options. You can also project your income and expenses in retirement.

For more information on retiring online, read Your Guide to Online Retirement and myVRS Features.