Your Turn to Ask

November 2023
A man smiles and points his finger at the viewer on the left. On the right is text which reads your turn to ask.

What resources do you have to help onboard new employees?

The VRS Member Guide, one of our most-requested publications, is designed to familiarize new employees with their retirement plan and benefits.

What is it? An easy-to-reference booklet that briefly describes each VRS plan, action steps new members should take, principal benefits and how to contact VRS. Order your copies today.

Readers will find directions to online resources and instructions for setting up their myVRS accounts or voluntary and deferred compensation contributions. The guide includes a timeline for acting on other benefits, such as purchasing prior service and signing up for optional group life insurance, if eligible.

How do I use it? Share the VRS Member Guide with all covered employees at orientation sessions. Use it to quickly highlight their available benefits and important action steps to take. The guide is also a refresher for established employees or those returning to VRS-covered positions.

Other Helpful Onboarding Resources

  1. Find the Member Guide and other essential publications, including member handbooks for each retirement plan and past issues of Member News, online at
  2. Point members to for additional resources in various formats, including webinars, workshops and one-on-one counseling.
  3. Hybrid Retirement Plan members should check out the Hybrid Plan Learning Channel, a series of short videos that offer quick insights into plan details.
  4. Here are a couple of handy checklists to help you orient new employees: