Your Turn to Ask

May 2023
A man smiles and points his finger at the viewer on the left. On the right is text which reads your turn to ask.

What tips can I pass along to help new employees protect their VRS accounts?

For starters, it’s critical for new hires to register their myVRS accounts and defined contribution accounts, if applicable, through Account Access, completing the identity-verification steps and then establishing a password-protected account.

For security purposes, VRS has locked all unregistered accounts. Those members will need to call VRS to register their online accounts.

Also, VRS now requires multifactor authentication for all myVRS accounts.

Pass along these tips to new employees:

  • Register your myVRS and defined contribution accounts as soon as possible. This helps prevent someone else from attempting to claim the accounts fraudulently. Passwords must be reset every 90 days.
  • Keep your contact information current with VRS. Ensure our communications only reach you. If you change your address, phone number or email, update your VRS account(s) immediately to reflect the change.
  • Check out VRS’ Security Center ( for additional online safety tips.