Securian’s Online Tools Make Plan Administration a Snap

March 2023
Icon of a piece of paper showing a pie chart, text and a bar graph is on the right. To the left of the icon is text which reads Life Benefits Extra, Securian Finacial's plan administrative site.

It's always a huge win when technology makes it easier to do your job, right? When it comes to life insurance, Securian Financial's LifeBenefitExtra is your administrative timesaver. As the insurer for VRS' Group Life Insurance Program, Securian's plan administration website has features that will help you stay up to speed with your plan and perform key tasks quickly.

Find Employee Information Using a Single Search

  • Participant's profile information.
  • Contract details.
  • Underwriting status.

Securely Access Populated Reports

  • Create and print monthly bill and weekly change reports.
  • Download forms.

Send and Receive Files Securely

  • Yearly salary and premium updates.
  • Enrollment applications.
  • Change forms.

Access Plan Support Tools

  • Optional life insurance needs calculator.
  • Group term certificate.

Get Customized Support

  • Contact information for your Securian team.
  • Send secure messages.

Start using LifeBenefitsExtra today. Register with Securian by calling 800-441-2258 or email