Complete Your Security Review Online in Minutes

March 2023
A hand holding a smartphone. The screen of the phone shows the stopwatch function. To the left of the hand is text which reads complete security reviews fast

Paper forms and mailed packets are mostly a thing of the past, thanks to employers' successful completion of online security reviews in myVRS Navigator for the first time in 2022.

The new online process to be repeated this spring and annually going forward involved all 832 participating employers. Most completed their reviews of all contact roles in less than 30 minutes. Before the rollout of the online security review, employers completed paper forms, obtained written signatures and returned paperwork by mail.

"Security administrators did a tremendous job on their end, helping ensure this new streamlined process worked securely end to end," said Deardrian Carver, chief customer relations officer at VRS. "It was a big step forward for all of us."

Ensuring the right employer contacts have the correct level of access to myVRS Navigator is critical to protecting employees' personal information. VRS requires employers to complete an annual security review certifying the contact information and assigned roles for each person identified as a contact for your organization. Your verification includes a review of each designated contact within your organization as well as contacts from any employer business partner, such as payroll and human resource firms, with whom you have contracted.

When you log in to myVRS Navigator, step-by-step instructions on the Employer Security Review page will explain how to make any necessary changes and guide you through submitting changes directly in the system.

More About the Process

For an overview, check out the Employer Security Review job aid (login required). If you do not have log-in credentials, email to request registration.

Look for reminders later this spring when it's time to begin your annual security review.