Submit VRS Forms and Documents Securely With Zix

October 2022
A line drawing of an envelope with the at sign on it indicating email and a padlock over that indicating security. To the left of the drawing is text which reads send info securely with one click.

Any VRS form or related documents that you previously faxed to VRS can be sent using Zix email, a widely used source for encrypting and decrypting emails with one click.

Send info securely and efficiently: With Zix, you can send multiple forms to VRS in the same email. The information is delivered to a secure VRS email box for automatic processing.

How to register for your account: Our Using Zix to Send Encrypted Email job aid shows you how to register your Zix account and how to begin sending material securely to VRS. The job aid is available from the VRS University in the Virginia Learning Center. To request log-in credentials, email