Security Best Practice: Members Should Claim Their myVRS Accounts

February 2021
myVRS Security

The most important way VRS members can help protect themselves from identity theft involving their benefits is to set up their online myVRS accounts soon after they’re hired.

By registering for myVRS, completing the identity-verification steps and then establishing a password-protected account, members will help prevent someone else from laying claim to the account fraudulently.

Even if the employee doesn’t plan to use myVRS immediately, taking ownership of the account is a smart defensive move. Once employees log into myVRS, they’ll find a growing library of tools and resources to assist them throughout their careers, including the myVRS Retirement Planner, the myVRS Benefit Estimator and the award-winning myVRS Financial Wellness program.

Thank you for your assistance in providing this important security reminder for employees to claim their myVRS accounts, and then encouraging them to explore the free retirement-planning resources designed with their needs in mind.