February 2024
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Proofpoint Replaces Zix for Emailing Forms to VRS Securely

VRS now uses Proofpoint secure mail for securely submitting forms and related documents to VRS by email.

You will need to register the first time you send an encrypted email using Proofpoint. Be sure to use your work email address.

Take a few minutes to review this  job aidfor instructions on setting up a Proofpoint account, or using your employer’s Proofpoint account, if available, to send VRS forms securely.

Using Proofpoint, you can submit any VRS form you previously faxed to VRS. Please note that the system is automated and cannot accept additional correspondence or questions. Proofpoint encrypted email is not available for use by members or retirees. However, you can securely email forms to VRS on their behalf.

If you have additional questions, email

New Resource Helps You Navigate DCP Record Keeper Transition

Beginning January 1, 2025, Voya will assume record-keeping responsibilities for VRS defined contribution plans. VRS and Voya are committed to a smooth transition, with minimal reporting changes for employers.

Be sure to bookmark the employer transition website to stay informed throughout the process. The site includes need-to-know items and key dates for employers and employees that will be updated as the transition unfolds.

Get the VRS Training You Need

Take advantage of the following webinars to increase your knowledge:

Check out the VRS Training Academy for course descriptions and additional training opportunities.