Hazardous Duty Supplement Increases

June 2023
text saying hazardous duty supplement with a photo of a firetruck

The hazardous duty supplement will increase to $1,407 per month ($16,884 annually) on July 1 for eligible retirees. The benefit payment issued August 1 will reflect the new amount.

The hazardous duty supplement is a dollar amount added to the monthly retirement benefit for eligible members. The supplement begins at retirement and continues until normal retirement age under Social Security. You qualify for the supplement once you are credited with at least 20 years of eligible hazardous duty service.

For eligible VaLORS members, the supplement ends at age 65. However, you are not eligible for the supplement if you retired from a VaLORS position with the 2% multiplier.

The Code of Virginia requires the supplement to be reviewed every two years and increased by any applicable cost-of-living adjustments published by the Social Security Administration since the last applicable increase.