New to VRS? Start Here

May 2024
a hand passing a printed copy of the VRS Member Guide into another hand on the opposite side of a table

Think of the VRS Member Guideas a gateway to understanding your benefits. Our most requested publication, it’s a starting point that will help empower you to take an active role in planning for the future now.

  1. Read the Member Guide for action steps you need to take to make the most of your VRS membership:
    • Register and claim your myVRS online account within your first 90 days of employment. If you participate in a VRS defined contribution plan, you’ll also need to claim your online account through MissionSquare Retirement. Be sure to add your contact information, including your mailing address, mobile phone number and email address, when registering for each account.
    • Max out voluntary contributions if you’re in the Hybrid Retirement Plan.
    • Boost your savings with supplemental plans, such as the Commonwealth of Virginia 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.
    • Name beneficiaries.
  2. Be aware of deadlines associated with participating in some benefits. If you’re interested in the following options, consult the Member Guide for timing to take action:
    • Purchase optional life insurance.
    • Apply for voluntary long-term care coverage.
    • Purchase eligible public service to enhance your VRS service.
  3. Take advantage of other resources to learn more about your member benefits.
    • Learn about your plan by checking out your member handbook. Hybrid Retirement Plan members can also watch the Hybrid Plan Learning Channel.
    • Peruse the VRS website.
    • Schedule a one-on-one member counseling session.
    • Attend a member education webinar.
    • Register for myVRS Financial Wellness.
    • Schedule a consultation with a certified financial planner.

VRS is committed to providing the support you need to achieve your financial goals and prepare for your future. We look forward to serving you!