Your Turn to Ask

December 2023
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Are local elected officials reported for benefits?

Only certain constitutional officers and their employees are eligible for VRS benefits, including:

  • Treasurers.
  • Commissioners of the Revenue.
  • Attorneys for the Commonwealth.
  • Clerks of circuit court.
  • Sheriffs.

For these elected officials who are covered under VRS, begin reporting them when their respective term of office begins. Likewise, stop reporting an official whose term of office ends, unless the individual otherwise resumes VRS-covered service in a different position with your employer.

Other local elected officials, such as mayors, city council members, county supervisors, county board members and town council members, are not eligible for VRS benefits, including group life insurance. If you have inadvertently reported any of these officials to VRS for coverage, please contact your employer relationship manager to discuss next steps.