VRS Member Guide Makes It Easier to Counsel New Hires About Their Benefits

November 2021
Woman assisting man in an office, discussing benefits.

The new VRS Member Guide(available to order in print) makes it easier for you to counsel new employees on their benefits.

What is it? The VRS Member Guide is an easy-reference booklet that briefly describes each VRS plan, principal benefits and how to contact VRS.

  • Explains VRS plan information in simple terms with action steps members can take now, such as registering their myVRS accounts or setting voluntary and deferred compensation contributions.
  • Guides members to find plan resources online.
  • Provides a timeline for acting on other benefits, like purchasing prior service and signing up for optional group life insurance, if eligible.

How do I use it? This compact guide supplements member handbooks and applies to all VRS plans, new VRS members and current members who are moving to a new job or employer.

  • Distribute one publication to all covered employees as you onboard new hires and hold orientation sessions.
  • Quickly introduce new members, or returning members, to VRS, highlighting benefits available to them, action steps to take and where to go for more information.
  • Watch our promotional video and share it with employees.