New to Administering VRS Benefits? Our Webinar Series Answers Your Questions

March 2021
Register for Intro to VRS 4-Part Webinar Series

There is a lot to know when counseling employees about their VRS benefits, especially if you’re new to your job. Our four-part Introduction to VRS webinar series will give you an overview of VRS benefits and help you learn the importance of your counseling role.

The 90-minute episodes are broadcast over four days:

  • Episode 1 – Understanding VRS and Retirement Account Contributions. Explore VRS structure including retirement plans and systems as well as reporting data and making contributions.
  • Episode 2 – New Employees: Time-Sensitive Benefits and Saving for Retirement. Understand time-sensitive benefits and additional ways to save for retirement with supplemental savings plans and voluntary contributions.
  • Episode 3 – Employees in Mid-Career: Life Events. Explore benefits and processes related to various life events including disability, refunds and death.
  • Episode 4 – Nearing Retirement: Requirements, Payout Options and Processing. Learn retirement eligibility requirements, payout options and benefits in retirement.

Register now for Introduction to VRS in April.

Tune Into Monthly VRS Benefit Webinars to Learn More About Key Topics

Each month, VRS offers online learning opportunities on a specific topic. Register today for the March 31 webinar (10-11 a.m.), which focuses on how member and employer contributions are calculated for Plan 1, Plan 2 and Hybrid Retirement Plan employees. Bookmark the Webinar Curriculum page on the VRS employer website and check back often for upcoming sessions.