Look Ahead to Financial Literacy Month

March 2021
myVRS Financial Wellness

April is Financial Literacy Month. VRS is here to help members improve their understanding of financial principles and best practices. We offer a variety of resources for retirement planning and financial literacy that you can share in employee newsletters, organization-wide emails and on your human resources pages or intranet sites:

  • The Hybrid Plan Learning Channel showcases videos covering specific topics related to the plan, including voluntary contributions and preparing for retirement.
  • The Education and Counseling page features live and recorded webinars on VRS benefits, retirement planning and financial literacy.
  • myVRS Financial Wellness offers tools, support and strategies to help bolster members’ money skills. VRS members who log into their myVRS accounts gain access to personalized content tailored to their individual profiles and can set personal goals and save financial plans. Members also will receive content recommendations, based on their retirement plan and age.